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sparkles159 wrote:How much of the XP we got was attributed to us playing? It seems like its impossible to level up by just playing.
Right now, the only way to make XP is to invite members who are Founders. This is according to the Activision support. They will eventually allow leveling by playing, but they are still having issues with their servers so I dont know when. We need to get more people in our clan. The best way is to do what I did to get you guys....post a comment in the San Diego Group page of Elite. Say something like this to make us stand out:

"The Official San Diego Elites Clan (-SD-) is now recruiting adult players who love to compete with other like-minded players. We are very competitive and play in tournaments, as well as run an active off-site website forum for members. We are almost Level 10 clan, and need YOU to get us there! We currently have 30 players and need more! Send a message to XXXXXXX for more information! Join us today!"

Then once they contact you, get some information about them, like how old they are, (maybe play a few matches with them to determine if they good, or just straight annoying....also do a search for their playercard on Elite and see how good they are. Then if you think they are good, YOU send me a message with their names and tell them that I will be inviting them.
Explain to them how to get the invite at: ELITE.CALLOFDUTY.COM/CAREER on the main page in the Invites Section. Tell them about their XP Boost they get to offer to the clan when joining, and ask them to use it on our clan to help us out.

This will GREATLY help me out growing this clan. I can't do it all by myself. If you have any questions, please ask me!
Thanks guys!
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