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Post  NyghtSpydr on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:17 am

Some of you were not able to attend the Clan Meeting last Sunday, so i wanted to tell you all what you missed.

1: We are EXPLODING as a Clan, much quicker than I ever expected! We have some great players and we will continue to grow as a clan. I want to thank every one of you for joining -SD- and representing!

2: -SD- is not a new clan, I joined -SD- back in MW1 days through Black Ops, but we have pretty much disbanded so I brought it back, and stronger than ever! KEEP IT UP GUYS!

3: IT IS AN ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT TO REGISTER FOR OUR FORUMS!! If you are reading this, you don't have to worry because you are already registered. We need to get everyone else on board, or else they wont be with our clan for long.

4: Clan Titles and Roles: I am in the process of promoting some of our clan members to Managers due to the sheer amount of people that are joining, I just cant manage this whole thing myself. I will be letting you all know who I plan to make into a manager soon. Stand By for that.

5: Playing Matches with Each Other: I understand completely that this is just a GAME (some dont realize this) and we all have lives outside MW3. If I am online but not playing MW3 (I like Skyrim and Saints Row the 3rd) I probably wont join a MW3 match, but I will join if I am playing MW3....same goes for you all! If you are playing MW3, it would be NICE if you join other clan members requests to play. That is the whole purpose to being a clan! Its not a requirement, but try to play with each other. If we learn each others play styles, we will be much better off as a clan.

6: Dead Weight: There are a few people who just simply refuse to communicate or play with the clan....those people will be weeded out very soon. So we will be going from 45+ people down to maybe 30 or so. So I will be warning those people very soon to get with us or leave.

7: Tournaments and Challenges and Leveling Up: We will be competing in tournaments once CoD allows it...not sure when that will be but hopefully soon. Also we can compete in Challenges and I encourage you all to do so! We just need to COMMUNICATE ON THE FORUMS!!

8: FORUMS, FORUMS, FORUMS!! I want everyone to direct each other back to the forums for ALL communication! It is the easiest way for us all to communicate, since Playstation doesnt allow us to send messages to each other outside the PS3.

Ok, so thats about it, we will have another clan meeting sometime after the new year. I will let you all know. Thanks!
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