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Post  NyghtSpydr on Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:58 am

Welcome to the Official San Diego Elite Clan forums. These rules WILL be followed and anyone who does NOT follow these rules will be given a warning, followed by a 24 hour Ban, then a permanent ban! So don't screw up!

1: No spamming the forums. Post all you want but do not post repetitive posts, bump posts (less than 24 hours in between), or irrelevant posts.

2: No excessive flaming. Yes, some people are idiots and deserve to be put in their place, but excessive flaming is bad, mmmmmk?

3: Keep posts where they should be! Don't post your mom's recipe for apple strudel in the Team Deathmatch forum....

4: Don't be a DoucheBag in general. You know how to act (God I hope so...) so act appropriately.

More to come as I feel like it....
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CEO/Boss/Certified Bad Ass

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